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1st Talk

The Pagentry of Lateral Movement


Stuart Morgan, MWR InfoSecurity


In order to meaningfully compromise a client, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to gather information and laterally move around the network. Understanding the structure of a network that you are attempting to compromise is a necessity these days, which can also be a challenge during attack simulation exercises, especially on windows networks which have a complicated active directory structure.

This talk will discuss ways of abusing Pageant (PuTTY’s SSH agent) on a fully patched Windows host, including a demonstration of a meterpreter extension which can tunnel SSH agent traffic in a manner that is almost undetectable with default logging options, and the way that an existing reconnaissance tool from 2012 was improved to make its output easier to use during a simulated attack or penetration test.

This talk explains the development journey resulting in these tools, especially when there was no particularly useful documentation available, and should encourage others to develop and share tools and techniques within the security industry.