Welcome to DC4420, aka Defcon London.

.reality [2014 edition] Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month except December... November 25th December tbc New attendees welcome, just come along! (There are no entry fees, and no tickets to book.)

November 25th

Talks evening ... Tech Talk Speaker: Geoffrey Hill, from Artis-Secure Ltd Title: Cloud-based Data Validation patterns… We need a new approach! Synopsis: Current methodology in nearly every organisation is to create data validation gates. But when an organisation implements a cloud-based strategy, these security-quality gates may inadvertently become bypassed or suppressed. This talk discusses a methodology to encapsulate the validation at the object level, thus allowing each object to have validated or sanitised data at any given point in time. Two kinds of patterns will be discussed, a validated object pattern and a tokenised object pattern. Examples of use-cases will be detailed for the delegates. Advantages and possible pitfalls of these patterns in security design will also be reviewed. Examples will be given in several main programming languages. ~~~ Tech Talk Speaker: Jordan Wiens, @psifertex Title: Capture The Flag - the dirty tricks stories Synopsis: Psifertex likes CTFs. He's coming up on 10 years of playing them, and he refuses to grow up. At DEF CON a few years back he shared a few dirty tricks he's seen or done, but some years later there's a whole fresh batch of nastiness to relish. Part CTF-old-timey-nostalgia, part fresh reveal of never-public techniques, come hear about the parts you usually don't get to learn just watching a CTF's scoreboard.

December mid-month

Pre-holidays meetup, access to the Christmas menu, details soon ...


Format is usually two talks: a primary 1 hour (ish) and, a secondary 30 minutes (ish). Talks start at 19:30, but we have the room from about 18:30 to 23:00.

Speakers Wanted

Typically our programme has a technical talk (~1 hr) and lighter talk (~30 min). Once or twice a year we have a "Lightning Talk" format, with shorter talks up to ~15 minutes, with anyone who wants to speak on the night. The qualifications for speakers are simple, have a subject of interest to fellow technical & InfoSec people. The subject can be on technical or security issues, social interaction with technology, based on the current events, or just something entertaining to our attendees. As a speaker you can be an expert, a student, someone learning a new area, maybe a regular speaker on the conference circuit, but we also love to have new & occasional speakers. We welcome occasional company pitches, to sell or recruit, but to regulate the frequency of these we ask you to buy a round of drinks. Also please discuss with Major Malfunction or Tony beforehand! Previous talks


The Phoenix, Cavendish Square Nearest tube (Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines) and bus stops are at Oxford Circus. Transport for London have a journey planner http://www.tfl.gov.uk/


We've got this handy Google Calendar thing here Twitter : @dc4420, use the tag #dc4420 Facebook: DC4420 IRC: #dc4420 on Freenode Mailing List: Get on the mailing list: here Note: don't set your address to dc4420@ as that won't work.. Linkedin : dc4420 - 485 & growing. do you read the notes there? (no recruiters allowed on unless they've been to the meetings and intro'd themselves to tony and major) Talks: Send your info to talks@dc4420.org